Engraving, Marking, Cutting
We have powerful Co2 laser cutters capable of cutting and engraving a large range of materials including wood, many plastics, foam, rubber, textiles, leather and many more.
CNC Milling
3 and 4 axis available
We have a range of CNC machines capable of making almost anything. Just ask!
3D Print
FDM Print services
With our stable of ultimaker 2+ printers we can offer excellent FDM print quality in TPU, PLA, Nylon or PETG.
Image module
Get all the advantages

From advanced
local maker services and on demand manufacture

Customer Oriented
Your convenience is our main goal.
At 3D stuff we pride ourselves on being easy to deal with. Just ask!
Fast speed
Because time is money
We can usually offer 24 hour turnaround on frequently ordered products. Please ask!
Not sure how to begin?
Advice is free
Got a a sketch on a cocktail napkin? Don’t know how take it to a product ready for mass production? Just ask!
Behind every great solution and project stay hours of hard work, multiple tests and discussions.
Justin Pasi

Our works

New stunning projects for our amazing clients.

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Feel free to get in touch with us for any questions.



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